A personal account of having a twin sister the differences between us and the frequent questions peo

What is surprising to many people, though, is how two siblings not twins with exactly the same parents and ancestors can receive different ethnicity results.

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What actually happened to the astronaut? Identical twins also known as monozygotic twins come from a single egg that splits in two, and share percent of their genes.

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Below, fraternal and identical twins break down those and other common questions people have about the twin experience. Environment and lifestyle can influence gene activity, and it is within this segment of the field of epigenetics that twin studies can play a key role.

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Because what we control, or hold still, is the genetics. These changes can be clicked into place, and they can also be undone.

Our reproductive cells take bits and pieces from each of those chromosomes to make up a new, unique configuration. The testing done through MyHeritage DNA examines millions of these tiny bits of genetic code and compares them to sample databases to create your ethnicity estimate. In simple terms, these are really small pieces of DNA that are just a little bit different depending on your ancestry. Erika ate far less fish. Erika, on the other hand, knew that she did not want children. There are two types of twins: monozygotic or identical twins develop from one zygote, which splits and forms two embryos. Some are only found in specific ethnic groups. They need musicians.

With each generation that passes, there is another chance for a random number of genes from each ethnicity to be handed down.

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DNA: Can siblings have different ethnicity estimates?