Adaptive writing aids for arthritis

The TADI Talking Voice Organizer combines every function a low vision or blind user requires in one device, with voiced feedback in Spanish for every action.

Pens for basal thumb arthritis

The BipGrip can be used with crayons giving them added girth and weight. Slides easily along writing surface. Writing and reading aids comprise a diverse assortment of adaptive and assistive products and equipment that enable children, adults and seniors to more easily read and write. This helpful aid includes a talking clock, notepad, calculator, diary, address book, phone dialer and contact storage, along with programmable talking reminders. A commonly used plastic and metal orthosis that is used as a writing aid is the Wanchik writer, which can be used with thin ballpoint pens or pencils. Perfect for individuals who lack thumb-to- fingertip pinch. Tendinitis or tenosynovitis Fortunately, there's a host of ergonomically-designed writing tools out there that have been created specifically to maximize comfort for people with hand stiffness and pain. Take your favorite pencil or pen, insert it into the hole, and hold it in place with the screw. By making your pen fatter, the BipGrip makes it easy to grasp and control your pen with simpler, more comfortable movements. Writing aids subsume a plethora of various grips enabling potential users many choices to fulfill their unique requirements and special needs. If you have a favorite writing pen that is difficult to hold, try using a pen holder to make writing less painful. You can hold the EZGrip gel pen in a variety of ways. It is a roller ball gel pen which makes writing smooth and easy. Regular size grippers fit standard-size pens and pencils. Its wide barrel makes it easy to grasp, while the chisel point makes it easy to control.

Commended by the Arthritis Foundation, hand therapists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists. Hulet Smith, OT.

Write on! To make writing easier for someone with arthritis, consider the following features to consider when choosing a pen for them: Comfort: The pen should fit comfortably in the hand and not be too heavy.

super big fat pens for arthritis

Ease of use: Consider how the pen glides on the paper. While there are numerous products, devices and equipment in our other product categories that can aid blind and low vision users in a variety of ways, here are a few more ideas that specifically help with reading, writing and learning.

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No need to press hard, a gentle touch is all you need to start the gel ink flowing.

Pen grips

Whether the reading and writing are done on the computer or with books and manual writing devices, there are numerous aids to help users to read and write more easily and effectively. This writing aid works for left- and right-handed users, and is especially helpful for those with arthritis to simplify writing and drawing for even the weakest grip. Different inks can minimize pressure needed for writing. Ergo Writer Ergo Writer Designed by an occupational therapist, the Ergo Writer alleviates the pain of writing associated with arthritis and painful fingers. You can hold the EZGrip gel pen in a variety of ways. Other grip designs include guiding apparatus and bases that help to keep the hand steady, such as the triangular base design of the Steady Write Writing Instrument, and the Writing Bird writing device. Let the weight of your hand apply the pressure and use your thumb and forefinger merely as guides.

This allows better control and makes it easier to apply pressure.

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Writing Aids for People with Arthritis