An analysis of the character horatio in hamlet a play by william shakespeare

It is he who then explains the conditions surrounding King Hamlet's death.

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Horatio is in truth the man Hamlet would like to be. In the final analysis, Hamlet does become a little more like his idol Horatio in his acceptance of fate and the evil inherant in all men. He insists that Horatio live to tell the tragic story—which fits, since critics often note that Horatio's name recalls the Latin term " orator ," or "speaker. Horatio and Marcellus arrive and greet Francisco. Always willing to help and be of service to Hamlet the Prince. One can argue the characters, or the story line that makes the movie great. Therefore in the end Hamlet, the readers hero, becomes a little more like his idol and friend Horatio accepting his fate of death and the evil in the world. I believe without Horatio to guide Hamlet and stay by his side, that Hamlet may not have survived as long as he did. He, having attended a university, is called upon as a scholar and is told to communicate with the ghost by Marcellus, and unsuccessfully attempts to do so. Horatio remains after all the other main characters have fallen, so was he really such a minor character?

Hamlet however had another plan, a plan that puts Horatio in a place of high importance. If I were to choose one character from the play to become friends with, it would definitely be Horatio for all the reasons provided.

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He is smart and good, but is not driven to any extreme or rash actions because of his intellectual mind. Horatio is evidently not directly involved in the intrigue at the Danish court; thus, he makes a good foil or sounding board for Prince Hamlet. He is cautious, scholarly, and a good man, known for giving sound advice. That means he should be able to judge whether or not the apparition that's been appearing on the battlements is actually a ghost. She believes that Hamlet loves her, despite his inconsistent courtship, and is devastated during a conversation in which he seems not to love her at all. If I were to choose one character from the play to become friends with, it would definitely be Horatio for all the reasons provided. Hamlet worries that this specter might be sent by the devil to incite him to murder, but the mystery is never solved. What I mean by potential is that Horatio would make the best real person if he were not a character within the play. New York: Houghton, Horatio and Marcellus arrive and greet Francisco. She also enjoys the physical aspects of her marriage to Claudius—a point that disturbs Hamlet. But ultimately it is the memorable scenes in which make the movie ones favorite. All this can I Truly deliver. Though the young Dane interacts with Shakespeare's entire slate of characters, most of his discourse lies beneath a cloud of sarcasm, double meaning and contempt.

Their conversations lay a great deal of meaning and ground to the play, and help explain many of Hamlets mysteries that he trusts no one else to tell but his best friend. He appears as a ghost in the first scenes of the play, informing Hamlet and others that he was murdered by his brother Claudius, who poured poison into his ear while he slept.

De legibus libri. Horatio proves to be the most likable character because he sticks by Hamlets side the entire story, and offers advice and companionship, rather than obsessing about his own well-being. Horatio and Marcellus arrive and greet Francisco. Landy, Alice S. Or if thou hast uphoarded in thy life Extorted treasure in the womb of earth He possesses a level of knowledge demonstrated throughout the play, while advising Shakespeare on what he believes he should do or not do.

But it is in particular the unstable atmosphere of the new court of Claudius that brings about much of the action of the play. If Horatio were not there, Hamlet's sanity would truly be in doubt.

Fortinbras Fortinbras is the prince of neighboring Norway.

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A Character Analysis of Horatio