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This is depicted in the scene at the Salon.

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They have three children: Winston, Vincent, and Waverly. For example, although June dropped out of college, her mother told them that she might go back for a degree. They are only small parts of her mother's experience, just as the swan feather is a small part of the swan.

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An-Mei does encourage Rose to stand up against Ted. An-mei's mother sacrifices her very flesh, but her sacrifice can revive neither Popo nor their mother-daughter relationship. June explains that her mother would repeatedly tell her the story of the origins of the Joy Luck Club. They make her promise to tell her sisters about their mother's life, because she is responsible for her mother's legacy. The skill of intuition gave both characters the strength to be outrageous and overshadow other characters. She is treated very badly and finally tricks the family into releasing her from the marriage. Clair Lena establishes her husband, Harold Livotny, in his own architectural firm, providing him with seed money and ideas. Additionally, Waverly is a reflection of Lindo as they possess the trait of competitiveness. As a child Jing-Mei had rebelled against her mother, who wanted her to be a brilliant student or a concert pianist. Lindo tricks her into believing bad omens foretell a doomed marriage between Lindo and Tyan-yu, and convinces her to let her out of the otherwise unbreakable marriage contract. Although Waverly struggles internally through most of the novel, she is developed as one of the most powerful characters, who has a zest for living, a drive to succeed, and a commanding personality. Intuitively, Waverly acquires this innate ability from her mother while she was young and tend to exhibit it on numerous occasions in the text. Not understanding how much Suyuan suffered over the incident, Jing-Mei treats the situation lightly.

Waverly reveals that she originally planned to abort Shoshana, but changed her mind when she learned the baby had already started developing limbs inside her.

As a child, Ying-ying was headstrong and independent. Her physical sacrifice of her own flesh symbolizes how visceral is any sacrifice made for one's mother, because if one were to try to excise one's mother from oneself, one might as well cut off one's flesh.

Intelligent, ambitious, proud, arrogant, and sometimes cruel, she commands attention.

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Throughout her life she has lacked the drive to assert herself; instead, she thinks and reacts according to what she believes others will think about her, especially her mother. Waverly wants to tell her mother Lindo about their engagement, but she is afraid that Lindo will criticize him to the point that she will be unable to see anything but his faults. Eventually, Suyuan was forced to flee Kweilin on foot and abandon her babies. Wu Tsing The wealthy merchant who forces An-mei Hsu's mother into concubinage by raping her. She wears fashionable clothes and patronizes fancy salons; but she laughs at those beneath her. I gave my daughter these faults. She started the club in China, in the early days of her first marriage. Now, with Popo on her deathbed, An-mei watches her mother make a sacrifice. She feels out of place; she not only is one generation younger than everyone else, but she realizes that her mother has made excuses for her to the other members. Lindo as well also considers Suyuan as a rival as they boasts and brag about their abilities and daughters.

This ability enables them to always have an upper hand when dealing with others. Lindo knows that her mother did so only because she wanted to keep herself from feeling too attached to the daughter she loved so dearly but had already given away.

Analysis The prologue to each section lays out an underlying theme for the four essays that follow.

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