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She found children as young as three or four working in tenement sweatshops. Hull-House In Chicago, Florence Kelley became a resident at Hull-House -- "resident" meaning that she worked as well as lived there, in a community of mostly women who were involved in neighborhood and general social reform. There, she started to work on different social issues, taking particular interest in women and children working in Chicago factories. She appears there as "Mrs. In she became executive secretary of the National Consumers' League and was the group's dedicated leader for many years. Periodicals Frank, Dana. Booth's work was the first to use the term "poverty line," which was the minimum income needed by a household to live decently. Kelley Wischnewetzky" and was also known as Florence Kelley. In , she became the first woman to hold statewide office when Governor Peter Altgeld appointed her to the post of Chief Factory Inspector for the state of Illinois, a newly created position and unheard-of for a woman. The report of this survey, along with other following studies, was presented to the state, resulting in the Illinois State Legislature bringing about the first factory law prohibiting employment of children under age

Kelley Wischnewetzky" and was also known as Florence Kelley. Inshe conducted comprehensive investigations of working conditions in slum houses and sweatshops.

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The brief, written by Goldmark, was presented to the U. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. Publications[ edit ] The responsibility of the consumer. She later lived at Hull House for a time. Works Cited Kelley, Florence. Jane Addams: A Biography. She did, however, manage to become a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society. She appears there as "Mrs. The Selected Letters of Florence Kelley Clothing manufacturing was sometimes assigned on a piece-by-piece basis to the workers, and in some of the poorest immigrant neighborhoods of the city entire families sewed for fifteen hours a day. Her long fight to ban child labor finally resulted in Congress passing the Fair Labor Standards Act in She argues for this by distinguishing between two types of philanthropy: bourgeois philanthropy and philanthropy of the working class.

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She worked with Lillian D. The NAACP and DuBois were opposed to the bill because there were no provisions to prevent the discrimination in the distribution of funds to black mothers.

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Kelley is famous for creating the tradition of protest against racial discrimination, which occurred in the midth century. Kelley lost her position as the state's factory inspector, and the groundbreaking Illinois Factory Act of was challenged and eventually declared unconstitutional by the Illinois Supreme Court.

Charles H. Her reports, together with her contributions to Hull-House Maps and Paperspresented a vivid picture of miserable working and living conditions.

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An Introduction of Florence Kelley Born in Philadelphia