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Too much distracting noise for my liking. Everything is just given in sound-bite form and easy-to-follow visual installations.

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But Wiesenthal was also instrumental in uncovering the whereabouts of Franz Stangl commandant of Treblinka and previously at Schloss Hartheim as well as the policeman who arrested Anne Frank. As they pull up to their destination point, the students gaze out the bus window and notice how it does not look like most museums they have seen before.

While this proved to be a difficult challenge, they eventually decided on seven stories which displayed a variety of experiences. Access and costs: Easy enough to get to by car less so by public ; an admission fee is charged, not cheap but average.

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I am forever asking myself what I can do for those who have not survived. People began to think that by remembering the Shoah and attempting to understand why and how it happened, history could be prevented from repeating itself. Literature Review [ back to top ] The memorialization and commemoration of the Holocaust in the United States did not emerge immediately after the concentration camps were liberated in From what I could gather this would have concentrated on human rights and everybody's own responsibilities in this respect. While it is probably true that it is impossible for any person to be completely unprejudiced, this treatment does have an air of moral superiority that can make you feel uncomfortable. Scholars argue that for visitors to learn in museums, they must encounter topics and displays relevant to their own personal lives and interests. As the exhibition progresses, panels provide updates of what the local survivors were facing at that time. Narrow steps lead down to the second floor, where artifacts include a letter from the U.

They enter the museum through tinted glass doors and are told to turn off all cell phones and remove everything from their pockets. This helps to illuminate what students experienced and how their visit to a Holocaust museum affected them. These museums quickly became vehicles for both teachers and students to learn about the Holocaust, and they began to shape the ways that the Holocaust was taught across the U.

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The students arrange themselves in a single file line outside a brick building, standing eight stories in the air, in the busy Pico Boulevard neighborhood of Los Angeles. As the security guards pass each student through metal detectors and check all belongings, the students begin to realize this is not like other museums they have visited. Before you can go down to the lower level, a museum attendant will give you a brief general introduction, then you can make your way down and through the exhibition independently. While teachers often rely on museums to educate their students on the Holocaust, the museums depend heavily on teachers to prepare the students before the visit to their facility. People began to think that by remembering the Shoah and attempting to understand why and how it happened, history could be prevented from repeating itself. The Education Department reached another , students through their curriculum trunk outreach program. In the early planning stages of the museum, the Holocaust Museum Houston Permanent Exhibition Committee decided that attention must be directed to the pre-Holocaust history of the Jews, to show how rich their culture was and to highlight how much was truly lost.

On the way down you pass a long row of photographs showing Holocaust survivors from various countries and all walks of life, together with a brief quotation and some key biographical data.

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