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Political and cultural influence of Greece over foreign subjects in North African and western Asia One of the major problems that historians face in studying ancient Persia is that… Much of the source material was written from the point of view of the Greeks Greek philosophers emphasized which perspective of the world?

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Chariot warfare, mounted bowmen, and the stirrup The Indian Ocean Maritime System forged economic and social ties between… East Africa, Arabia, India, China, and SE Asia Ships in the Indian Ocean Maritime System were better prepared for long-distance travel than the Greeks because… They could take advantage of monsoon winds to drive their ships Which animal was most important to Saharan transportation?

He was able to use the benefits of Roman citizenship, roads, and cities to spread Christianity The competition among states in the Warring States Period resulted in… Peasant Rebellions Which of the following was not a tactic used to re-centralize power under the Qin?

He was executed as a revolutionary by the Romans.

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The wealthy members of society have political power Which of the following best describes the degree of contact between the Roman and Han Empires? China began to establish a burecratic system.

Taking advantage of his Hellenized background and Roman citizenship, he traveled throughout Syria-Palestine, Anatolia, and Greece, preaching the new religion and establishing churches.

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The americas were being explorated and were soon to be colonized by the europeans. What military technologies did the Silk Road spread? Originally an advisory body to the early kings, in the era of the Roman Republic the Senate effectively governed the Roman state and the growing empire. Hoplite armies — militias composed of middle- and upper-class citizens supplying their own equipment — were for centuries superior to all other military forces. Europeans were preparing themselvs for exploration to bypass the taxation of the islamic empires and the Italian port cities. Troy Definition Site in northwest Anatolia, overlooking the Hellespont strait, where archaeologists have excavated a series of Bronze Age cities. Ap world history Unit 1 Cultural The culture of the humans was hunting and gathering and living in nomadic villages and a matriarchal society to later settleing into agricultural villiges, which then turned into large citiesthat became patriachical. Ultimately, Sparta prevailed because of Athenian errors and Persian financial support. Term Augustus Definition Honorific name of Octavian, founder of the Roman Principate, the military dictatorship that replaced the failing rule of the Roman Senate. Ap world history Unit 3 Social social classes became an important aspect of society and the classes were mostly determinered by wealthy. From BCEBCE Alexander the great established the greatest interaction in this time period with the conquest of asia minor, along with the Roman's conquest's of thhe mediterranian. Ap world history unit 2 Technology Technology during this time were inventions and structureral projects that were made by and made for the state. Ap world history Unit 1 Technology The major technological advances was in the techniques of agriculture and farming. Term Vassal Definition In medieval Europe, a sworn supporter of a king or lord committed to rendering specified military service to that king or lord. Tyrants appeared in many Greek city-states in the seventh and sixth centuries BCE, often taking advantage of the disaffection of the emerging middle class and, by weakening the old elite, unwittingly contributing to the evolution of democracy.

In the first century BCE, quarrels among powerful and ambitious senators and failure to address social and economic problems led to civil wars and the emergence of the rule of the emperors.

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