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If you're looking to sample the Brilliant Life Planner, this is the tier you want! This is one of the best for people who want a planner that allows for deeper introspection.

I believe every woman has passions she's scared to pursue.

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I live outside the US. Most of the planners we see are annual planners but we love seeing brands think creatively to provide solutions to our daily needs too. Whitney English faced an overflowing email inbox, a hand-scribbled to-do list, a pile of meeting notes, and felt overwhelmed and disorganized back in November I really like that it condenses all the practices of the program into doable daily habits!

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You can even add up to 6 additional months to your planner and a variety of add-on sections available such as Meal Planning, Fitness Planning, Budget Planning, and more.

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The Brilliant Life Planner by Beth Anne @ Brilliant Business Moms