Car wash business plan in pakistan

But they are very costly in providing such services. Because the ICA has not established any industry ratios, there are none available to compare to the ratios generated in this business plan.

Therefore, the company already has a competitive edge over other petroleum companies. Thus, on the average, car washes experienced a small increase in gross profit.

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These figures represent a 26 percent reduction in automobile wash volume. Twenty-six to sixty-five year olds, white collar workers, and mothers with children utilize conveyor facilities.

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During our first year of business, we will be actively involved in developing customer awareness of our business through extensive use of the radio, television, promotional giveaways, and direct mailings. Social Responsibility Our objective is to become an active and solid member of the business community in Hampton County. For our purposes, return on equity and return on investment are defined without figuring depreciation or taxes into the net profit. We then used that number to calculate the project revenue we can expect to generate during our first year of business. Other Risks Perhaps the most critical risk we face is that of the establishment of a competitive wash in our target market. It is interesting to note that, for the last five years, a regional car wash corporation with eight locations in the tri-state area has actively pursued the property owner to sell so they could establish a car wash on it. Characteristics Our target market is the most densely populated area in the city and is comprised of a diverse mixture of ethnic and economic groups. However, we realize we do not operate in a vacuum, and pricing schemes offered by area car wash operators do impact us. Our revenue projections reflect that trend. They would assume operational control of what would, in essence, be a turnkey operation.

We then compared these sources of information and developed our own expense analysis ratios. Major services of the venture include cleaning and washing facility for different types of vehicles. Sixteen of the employees will constitute our operational personnel, while the other two employees will constitute our sales staff.

The demand for service stations is directly linked with the rising number of vehicles and population growth.

mobile car wash business in pakistan
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Requirements to Start a Car Wash Service Station in Pakistan