Church of the sagrada familia

Dedicated to the birth of Jesus, it is decorated with scenes reminiscent of elements of life. However, right now there are only eight towers. Without Computers, We Could Have Been Waiting a Lot Longer Back when construction began in the late s, there were no computers or digital animation to rely on for the project.

It was not consecrated until The church was left unconsecrated for years, as it was not completed. Inconstruction of the towers of the Evangelists and the Virgin Mary continued at a good pace.

Pope Benedict recognized the Sagrada Familia as a basilica in He wrote off the old neo-Gothic project and proposed a new one. The three million visitors every year help support the project, which costs around 25 million euros annually.

sagrada familia interior

A bronze figure situated on a bridge creating a link between the steeples of Saint Bartholomew and Saint Thomas represents the Ascension of Jesus. It is the highest fee ever recorded by the city of Barcelona for a construction permit.

Construction resumed to intermittent progress in the s. He wrote off the old neo-Gothic project and proposed a new design that was more monumental and innovative in its shapes, structures and building techniques.

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