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He wrote Don't Bother Me.

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Also, does the song seem to get off-beat near the end around ? George Harrison Anthology Don't Bother Me was meant as a plea for privacy, and the tone of the lyrics is reflected in the downbeat music.

Reply Deadman Wednesday 2 November The problem is that the song was written and recorded in September whereas Clapton joined The Yardbirds, who had only just started gigging, in October.

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The latin percussion on it adds to the uniqueness of this one. I don't think it's a particularly good song; it mightn't be a song at all. Thanks George. Haunting is a good description for this first full Harrison composed song.

Aside from that, does anyone else hear the very faint voice at around into the song? There are many qualities to Harrisongs that make them anything but dead boring to fans. The sound is really great. Appearances[ edit ] "Don't Bother Me" is one of several songs featured in A Hard Day's Nightduring a scene where the Beatles dance at a nightclub while McCartney's grandfather gambles elsewhere.

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As I was getting to know With The Beatles recently it kept leaping out at me. I remember walking up past Woolton Church with John one morning and going over the question: 'Without wanting to be too mean to George, should three of us write or would it be better to keep it simple?

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