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In the opening scene, Ethan, outside in the cold, is watching Mattie dance. This leaves him isolated from friends, news and happenings of the outside world that he longs for to keep him sane. Already a member? Though too intelligent for rural life, Ethan finds himself stuck in an average man's shoes This is perhaps to emphasize that Starkfield has the absolute worst kind of winters you can imagine.

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These conditions that are normally associated with good weather, can also reflect The cold, harshness of his surroundings affects Ethan in several ways. Transportation is effected in many ways in this novel. Another example of cold is the house. The story was written by Edith Wharton who experienced herself a sour marriage.

Ethan seeks the warmth of the summer Mattie and to leave his winter Zeena behind. In fact, the narrator believes that older Ethan's character was formed as much by his apparent tragedy as by the particularly rough winters in Starkfield, as we see in these lines: I simply felt that he lived in a depth of moral isolation too remote for casual access, and I had the sense that his loneliness was not merely the result of his personal plight, tragic as I guessed that to be, but had in it, as Harmon Gow had hinted, the profound accumulated cold of many Starkfield winters.

First, Realism is a definite movement away from the Romantic period An unnamed visitor to the town of Starkfield narrates the preface and introduces the reader to Ethan Frome, the main character of the novel. In doing so the effects of the harsh winters cause a cruel and twisted fate trapping Ethan Frome in Starkfield with his undesirable marriage to Zeena forever and altering his fate of life.

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