Explain how evaluation and management e m codes are grouped

Likewise, the Radiology section is organized into sections on diagnostic ultrasound, bone and joint studies, radiation oncology, and other fields.

evaluation and management coding examples

The codes for surgery, for example, are through A brief summary of characteristics of the respondents is described here. The medical report is passed to the coder.

e/m coding tips

The adoption of documentation and coding technology is also expected to be related to organizational or practice characteristics as discussed in previous studies, with larger practices and those associated with health systems adopting more technology due to the availability of greater resources.

Remember, the CPT code is divided into three categories. Evaluation and Management: — Anesthesia: — ; — Surgery: — Pathology and Laboratory: — Medicine: — ; — Within each of these code fields, there are subfields that correspond to how that topic—say, Anesthesia—applies to a particular field of healthcare.

These instructions are found in parentheses below the code, and they instruct the coder that there may be another, more accurate code to use. Where was the X-ray? Financial considerations include the cost of the technology and a return on the investment, as well as lost productivity during implementation and additional ongoing costs for system maintenance.

These symbols will tell you important information about the code.

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Evaluation and Management Coding