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Mtetwa, Munya. On the other side, Digi seems like doing better efficiency in terms of the net profit margin ratio. The only power that an endower of waqf property would forfeit would be the right of alienation of the property. Chapter IV In general, in both years Kulim M Berhad and KPJ Healthcare Berhad has a stronger financial position and sufficient liquid assets to maintain their business operations. So, the firm improved its liquidity by which, in this case, is good, as it is operating with relatively low liquidity. Thus, companies are under scrutiny because group users looks for performance expectations that are largely expressed in financial ratios. If we compare the cash ratio to other liquidity ratios, we can see that current ratio as well as quick ratio is not the best ways to analyze the liquidity ratio, due to the fact that it involves the inventory and account receivable. According to the analysis of the quick ratio shows that Maxis Berhad had the highest ration in by scoring the 0. Stock Turnover Stock turnover for the Maxis has been the biggest impact. Capital structure also includes the short-term debt or in other words, working capital. As comparison, both companies were more capable of paying its current liabilities with its current assets in but in , it is slightly low of capability of the companies to have enough liquid assets to maintain its operation. However, operating profit margin was facing slight decrease in the ratio from till , in Maxis was able to get back the digits into better track. The current ratio shows how many times over the firm can pay its current debt obligations based on its assets. Financial analysis techniques.

All the analysis will be calculated by using the formulas given. Internal is the employee satisfaction and the level of training.

Chapter I 1. The Variable costs are those costs that could vary from month to month or yearly, however the fixed costs are the costs that will never change regardless of the time and sales.

It can be seen that Kulim M Berhad recorded a high percentage of operating margin and profit margin at In the analysis of the cash ratio for Maxis Berhad from tillits clear that has the lowest rate, however the has the highest among all which scored the 0.

According to the data from , we can see that only 5 Malaysian companies were able to lead the market in cellular, whereby Maxis and Digi were one of them. If we look at the Table 1. Inventory is the least liquid of all the current assets because you have to find a buyer for your inventory. Hsu, C. His experience is in credit management and treasury industry for 20 years. Average Payment Period Average payment period is the opposite of average collection period. Thomas R. According to Fibirova , the traditional ways of the company performance evaluation are dependent on the primary goal of the company on the maximizing the profit Limkokwing University of Creative Technology 12 P a g e and enlarging the numbers of indicators in financial aspects. Ridhwan Vol 21, No. The Enterprise Fixed Services proffers the apparatus terminal, voice data, managed service for businesses and internet protocol. The Current Assets are covering the following inventories, cash, securities that are marketable and cash received.

International Conference on Humanities In order to know its weaknesses and finding possible solutions to the problems, the company analysis is the best tool to use.

This ratio will identify if investors should invest in certain company or no.

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