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He told me to pour hot water in the fabric softener dispenser to keep that hole clean. Which I shoulda used for a mo betta purchase!!! This dryer has to be run more than once at maximum temperature and maximum drying!

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The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Front-Load Washers here. High-efficiency top-loaders fit more: Frigidaire's HE top-loaders allow users to fill their clothing all the way to the very top without compromising washing ability, meaning users spend less time doing laundry.

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Helpful 12 people found this review helpful Mary of Abbotsfortd, B. All current models from every manufacturer are too big for my needs and available space but Frigidaire offered a slim model only inches deep that fit better than every other product I could find. It is not being overloaded. Twice someone was sent who did some sort of test to see hot air was going through it and, therefore, said it was working. They're typically 27 to 29 inches wide. So now, after 3 or 4 wash loads, I pour hot water that I heat up in the microwave, then I run it on a drain and spin cycle. We have soft water and are using between 1 and 2 teaspoons of detergent per load. Getting it done. Do not buy. The washer has a delicate cycle which I use often. We place these test strips in an eight pound load of test laundry with a pre-measured amount of industry standard detergent and run the cycle. Clothes are lifted to the top of the tub, then dropped into the water below. It has a 3.

For the first year, the parts and any labor you may need will be covered. It was the worst experience I've had. Instead, turning the knob activates the machine.

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