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Members could see aspects in fellow members, which they may not be aware of. Human beings are social beings who can use others as mirrors to their own experiences, feelings or behavior.

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Here members learn of trust, compassion and empathy. A sense of cohesion is developed and they consider themselves distinct from other collectives.

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Clients often accept feedback about their behavior more willingly from other group members than from therapists. Members may agree to maintain a certain weight while in the group and there is need to bond with therapist as well as group members.

Members should participate in group discussion and agree to rules created either by leader or group as a whole.

psychological risks in group counseling

Speaking In Front of a Group For those who have a severe social phobia, it might be difficult to speak in front of the group.

Experts feel it is best not to mix groups.

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Segregated or homogeneous groups have with people with the same disorder. Group Psychotherapy Interventions with Special Populations. Service goals, individual goals may be exposed or internalized and considered secret while others may be unconscious, for instance seeking acceptance. For example, a group for children whose parents have cancer might discuss in depth what cancer is, types of treatment for cancer, and the side effects of treatments, such as hair loss. It could also mean two or more people gathered with a common purpose or interest in a cognitive, affective and social interchange in single or repeated encounters sufficient for participants to develop impressions of one another. Internalization deals with a shift in the psychic structure to produce a detailed examination and reexamination of emotional interactions. The group members are trying to gain a better understanding about themselves by interacting with others and examining how they think and feel. Army issued a training bulletin that noted patients responded well to treatment in groups, and recommended the widespread adoption of the group method. Evaluation of group accomplishments is done. Conflicts and different points of view can be tolerated Members become aware of patterns by reflecting on similar experiences in the group. In strategic family therapy, the goal is to address specific problems within the family that can be dealt with in a relatively short amount of time. The Many Advantages of Group Therapy While there is broad consensus about the benefits of group therapy, that does not mean that this form of therapy is better, or worse, than another form of therapy. He or she should treat each member in a unique manner. By the end of this section, you will be able to: Distinguish between the various modalities of treatment Discuss benefits of group therapy Once a person seeks treatment, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, he has an intake done to assess his clinical needs.
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Group Therapy