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The influence of medication on the quality of handwriting is not clear.

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Handwriting features like slanting, upper zone, lower zone, pressure, word spacing, angle etc. Many blobs of ink with occasional smearing and sometimes ink-filled ovals characterize this writing. Shaded Thick and Thin. Most graphologists reject supernatural insights from their assessment of handwriting.

This is the norm between the extremes and is an indication of healthy vitality and willpower. The width of the stroke-the relative thinness or thickness of the stroke tells you how the writer displays energy in action.

The writer is normally sensitive and emotionally healthy, but modest with responses.

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Firstly they are easy to collect; even over long periods of time. As the car approaches the turn, it slows to a degree dependent on the abruptness of the turn and then accelerates as it makes the turn. You'll be surprised to discover how much detail can be extracted from just a single page of handwriting. The writer is independent, hard to fathom and difficult to get along with. The writer is out of touch with his environment and lives in the past. This slant is considered the normal one. The more the writing leans to the right past 4, the more extreme the social and emotional behavior.

It is also the resultant thinness or thickness of the stroke and the relative pastiosity or sharpness of the inking pattern. They are far more tolerant and genial than their counterparts, and though they can lapse into superficiality, their lack of inhibition can be refreshing.

Integrative- relating to multidisciplinary. It is very difficult to assess the force of pressure from photocopies.

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