How is chapter 5 significant to

How is chapter 5 significant to

Gatsby seems nervous, and asks if Nick would like to take a swim in his pool. She isn't weeping for a lost love; rather she is weeping at the overt display of wealth she sees before her. She is overwhelmed by them, and by the opulence of his possessions. Nick sends Gatsby back in to Daisy, while he himself sneaks out the back and wanders around the house for half an hour. The theatrical quality that he often projects falls away, and for once all of his responses seem genuine. Nick runs outside and chills in the rain while the two do their thing. When Nick demurs, he offers him a trip to Coney Island. They make their way over to Gatsby's mansion, of which Gatsby proceeds to give them a carefully rehearsed tour. Nick tells Gatsby that he will invite Daisy for tea and the two agree on a time. He sends a man to cut Nick's lawn and has flowers delivered. Now that she is in his house and duly impressed, he may not have anything to work toward anymore. When he returns, they seem luminously happy, as though they have just concluded an embrace. Gatsby's dreamlike nature complements nicely Daisy's ethereal qualities.

When Gatsby arrives, for the first time he shows his vulnerability and uncertainty. Daisy agrees.

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Nick, sensing that they no longer realize he's there, leaves them, walking out alone into the rain. Daisy arrives, but when Nick brings her into the house, he finds that Gatsby has suddenly disappeared.

How can a man who isn't well off afford to have such an array of shirts?

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Nick tells Gatsby that he will help him with the plan. Gatsby himself is regressing, as though he were still a shy young soldier in love with a privileged debutante. He has moved from the embarrassment of his initial appearance to unbounded delight, radiating a newfound sense of well-being. As the chapter closes, Daisy and Gatsby have become so lost in each other that Nick ceases to exist for them. Retrieved July 4, Active Themes Gatsby is nervous on the day of the meeting. It becomes painfully obvious that Gatsby only has such a fine house and such fine things for the purpose of impressing Daisy. Gatsby enters, having returned from a walk around the house in the rain. In response, Nick quietly retreats, leaving the lovers alone together. Daisy, at seeing Gatsby's array of shirts, buries her head in them weeping at their beauty. The fact the clock is stopped is significant. This chapter presents Gatsby as a man who cannot help but live in the past: he longs to stop time, as though he and Daisy had never been separated and as though she had never left him to marry Tom.

Gatsby's focus on the past prevents him from seeing how Daisy has changed. There is a knock at the door.

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This is reinforced by the fact that the major proponent of such ideas is Tom Buchananwho is clearly a brute. After the initial meeting, Nick decides he is getting in the way of the reunion and he leaves the house for a while.

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They go downstairs and have this man Klipspringer play "The Love Nest" on the piano. As the three people make their way up to and through Gatsby's mansion, Gatsby revels in the impact his belongings have on Daisy.

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The Great Gatsby Chapter 5