How to start writing a love novel

The amount of emphasis you put on the romance is up to you.

How to write a novel

This is your stage — shout your complex views from it and then contradict them, just for fun. The more you read and hone your own language for it, the better your love scenes will be. Sex drives the story. With romance, however, your basic readership is pretty simple and consistent. And he should have a growth arc through the story as well. Boy and girl begin their romance. Craft all descriptions of physical intimacy with a light touch, and only after sufficient buildup — make your readers eagerly anticipate each encounter. So the setting needs to be a place both reader and author will want to return to, book after book. Yet an emphasis on embodied expressions of chemistry sometimes ignores the psychological and emotional strengths and shortcomings that shape how we relate to each other. Try not to be intimidated by the stigma around romance novels.

Attempts to be poetic using metaphorical language and euphemisms easily become purple prose. You have work people, you have family people, you have friend people, and I like to see the whole picture. These are just a few things to get you started.

love story obstacles

Perfecting the craft will take time, but you can use these strategies to get started. Some will pop up as you go, but you should at the very least know who your main two characters are and how they interact with each other.

The best novels speak to us on multiple levels.

writing a romance novel for dummies

While this is not the ultimate crisis point of the story, it should still be meaningful and believable, and significant enough to cause one or both characters to pull back.

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How to Write Romance Novels (with Examples)