Important factors in employee motivation

The money factor An excellent argument can be made that managers can significantly influence employee compensation at many firms. The more these specific behaviours are recognized, the more frequently an employee will repeat them.

List of motivational factors at work

The workload, division of responsibilities, access to resources and accountability all depends on the structure and efficiency of the processes on which the business runs. Making jobs better Tell your managers it's their responsibility to ensure their employees are satisfied and motivated. What motivates one may not motivate another. Money is typically not a motivator at all. Informing an employee of the bigger picture will help her feel as though she is an integral part of the entire process. Learning and development opportunities Self-actualisation is a natural by product of high performance. Good wages As you can see, good wages isn't top but middle on the list. The next step is to continually observe and talk to the employee about what his motivation factors are, because these can change with life events and workplace changes. All of these grievances can be fairly easily resolved by clearly articulating a plan of progression for your employees. Rewarding Employees Once you have figured out what type of motivation is important to each employee it is important to implement a rewards system immediately. Figuring out an employee's motivating factors can begin in the interviewing stage and is an ongoing process throughout her tenure. For All :: Quickview Negative experiences or attitudes will eventually lead to isolation and loneliness, making it more difficult to find satisfaction from work, which in turn will decrease motivation. For these people, the way to keep them isn't all about money.

However, some need elaboration to clarify what employees are really looking for and what business owners and managers can do to make these factors happen.

There are, however, industries that are definitely growing even in the current economic atmosphere. The same can be said for displaying loyalty to your employees loyalty from management.

Employees should also feel as though they have room and license to voice their opinions and ideas where necessary, without fear of being ignored or pulled rank on. Making jobs better Tell your managers it's their responsibility to ensure their employees are satisfied and motivated.

However you can do more than just the minimum of remunerating someone for their efforts, and issuing the occasional pat on the back. Some employees would be greatly stirred by a formal recognition in front of other colleagues, such as a certificate or a team lunch, while others would prefer some extra praise and insight from yourself.

The basis for effective communication between the two parties is two-sided trust. In many industries around the world there is a significant gap between the skills employers need and the skills available. If this is the case, the employee will do what is necessary to survive.

Work environment Creating a workplace that people feel inspired by is a way of maintaining a motivational buzz Work-life balance is a motivating factor that falls a little bit under both this and the previous sub-heading.

main motivational factors in a work context

As global fluidity increases companies cannot necessarily rely on the abstract idea of loyalty alone, and will need to look for other motivators.

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What are the big motivation factors for employees? : HR Resources