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By making observations, we learn about the world around us. What are some ways the teacher was responsive to the toddlers? Gormley, Jens Ludwig, Katherine A. Observation questions Because it is impossible to observe everything a child does, you will want to think about what specific information you want to know about the child, while trying to keep you mind open to the unexpected or other information.

Blindfold the child and tell her to pick up the fruit, describe its textures and tell how each piece of fruit feels and smells.

Child observation report

How does the child get along with other children? Bug Hunting A group of children check under the stumps for bugs. Education Pinterest Board Child Observation Videos View and discuss child observation videos showing child behaviour in setting to give you a deeper understanding of what to expect in practice. Take notes, either during activities or shortly afterwards. Use information from observations to inform program practices and policies. These apps are often connected with child assessments. Observations lead to further questions and investigations. References California Department of Education. But another reason for observation is to spark learning and development.

Vodcasts Why Observe Children? When given a predetermined signal, the children turn back-to-back and change three things. If you have a teaching partner, ask for help so you can take a few moments for observation.

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What do you think each child might be experiencing? Getting Ready for Lunch Older children sit at tables getting ready for lunch. A two year-old girl picks grass and places it in a bucket. She started off right where you are. The negative behavior disappeared in a week.

Use it as a discussion springboard about how people don't always notice what's in front of them. Pay attention to your own responses and feelings.

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Observation: The Key to Understanding Your Child