Lecture 2 computer components

Perform system maintenance. Flash memory—non-volatile memory that can be erased and reused. It is common to confuse chip memory with disk storage.

components of computer

Hardware The hardware are the parts of computer itself including the Central Processing Unit CPU and related microchips and micro-circuitry, keyboards, monitors, case and drives floppy, hard, CD, DVD, optical, tape, etc Expansion buses establish links with peripheral devices.

Also called the processor or microprocessor. CPUs contains a variety of circuitry and components and are connected to the motherboard. Random Access Memory or RAM is the memory that the computer uses to temporarily store the information as it is being processed.

Monitors come in many types and sizes from the simple monochrome one colour screen to full colour screens. You can then take that image and use it in a paint program, send it out as a fax or print it.

To add a bit more confusion, the computer's hard disk can be used as temporary memory when the program needs more than the chips can provide.

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Basic components of Computer Lecture 2