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The corporate vision also shows that the company sees itself as a facilitator of communication among friends and family. We found more than million people are members of what they call "meaningful communities".

The environment created by Facebook is exactly what the world deserves to continue to thrive as a global village. And when your members heard we were hosting a community summit, dozens of them wrote us saying we had to invite you. You all embody this spirit for your communities.

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In the short span of its existence, the brand has grown a very large follower base. Thank you so much for all you do for your communities and for the world. A church doesn't just come together. A little league team has a coach who motivates the kids and helps them hit better. Today it has more than a million members around the world -- all women -- because one woman cared about giving them a voice. It must have been more specific too because most of these things are generic and easily understandable for a social media platform. Diversification is relevant to Facebook Inc. To satisfy the ideals of corporate vision statement development, Facebook must make its corporate vision clearer, more concise, inspiring, and future-oriented. This morning we're talking and she says: "Mark, we're getting close to our community reaching 2 billion people. These are groups that upon joining, quickly become the most important part of your social network experience and an important part of your real world support structure. That's how we'll achieve our greatest opportunities and build the world we want for generations to come. To meet this component of its mission statement, Facebook has integrated various impactful programs in its platform to add value to the lives of its customers. This isn't going to happen top down. We found more than million people are members of what they call "meaningful communities".

Demystifying the development of an organizational vision. I would have settled for connecting my whole dorm.

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This is really important. Vision, Mission, and Goals. Groups have been pretty flat where everyone is a peer -- and that makes sense when you're talking about a family group that doesn't really have a leader. First, we're going to give you new tools that offer insights into who your members are and how they're engaging -- insights into things like join requests and the time of day your members are most active. Who sits on Facebook's board of directors? Some communities are more serious. That's how we'll bring the world closer together. How can I get added to Facebook's mailing list? Kaufman, R. So I started asking the question: if 2 billion people use Facebook, then how come we've only helped million of them join meaningful communities? And those are important too, but they're not exactly part of my social support structure. And talking about stories of leadership, Naomi joined us more than 10 years ago right out of college and has worked her way up to leading this big part of Facebook.

Another thing that impressed me is you're not running these groups because it's going to look good on your resume.

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Facebook Inc.’s Mission Statement & Vision Statement (An Analysis)