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As Toula feared, her numerous well-meaning female relatives take over much of the wedding plans, while the men keep testing Ian. Voula seems to fill the void left by the travel agency by taking an almost impertinent interest in her family's affairs.

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After Gus lands in the hospital and Maria refuses to go, saying she is not his wife, Gus pleads for her to marry him again. Other than spiking Windex salesnot exactly.

Over the years, I've heard from everybody about what the sequel should be. When Toula invites Ian's quiet, reserved parents to meet her parents at their home, she insists that it be a simple dinner with just the six of them.

How does the movie portray Greek-American culture? Both Ian and Toula are deeply touched by Gus's generosity. White, the Portokalos' neighbor, who tends to complain about the Portokalos family's antics.

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But then when John Corbett and I recently sat down to do that interview for the 10th anniversary edition , we laughed so hard through the whole thing. When Ian proposes to Toula, she happily accepts, but Gus is upset that Ian did not ask him for permission to date Toula, let alone marry her. Truman College in the movie. Families can talk about cultural differences. Here's a look at what happened after Nia Vardalos' little indie became a big fat phenomenon. Much of the Ontario city's large Greek population volunteered to be extras at the large wedding scenes. We have such an easy chemistry together. Production[ edit ] In a interview for her film My Life in Ruins , asked about a possible sequel to the hit romantic comedy My Big Fat Greek Wedding , Nia Vardalos stated that she had an idea for a sequel and had started writing it, hinting that, like Ruins, the film would be set in Greece. Ian's willingness to do this encourages Gus and Maria to gradually accept Ian into the family.

She tends to tell people disturbing stories about her medical issues and sex life with her husband Taki, much to Toula's annoyance. She seems to have mellowed out into a more eccentric, but lovable elderly Greek woman, who no longer mistakes her family for Turks.

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding