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All Adjunct Graduate Faculty members, nominated through WFSC, will count as an inside committee member unless nominated by another department.

All other requests for alternative certification require strong department justification and review in compliance with Office of Graduate and Professional Studies policies and guidelines.

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English Proficiency Certification can be achieved by: scoring at least 80 on each of the sections reading, listening, written composition and oral skills of the English Language Proficiency Examination ELPE , obtaining grades of A or B in English Language Institute ELI courses reading, listening, written composition and oral skills at the level or higher, or acquiring alternative certification from the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies via a departmental request. Coursework over 10 calendar years old may not be applied toward your degree. For the Ph. Doctoral degree Ph. The minimum full-time course load for each fall and spring semester is 9 semester credit hours. Students who do not meet these requirements will not be allowed to teach or interact with undergraduate students in any form, when representing the department or any organization or affiliate of the department. All degree requirements must be complete within 10 years. Students whose advisor is off-campus must have an on-campus committee member from WFSC. Additionally, completion or lack of completion of the online announcement in no way impacts the approval or processing of your paper Request and Announcement of the Final Examination form. Written and oral examinations must be held on the College Station campus; however, students may request by petition, well in advance of scheduling the exam, that it be held off campus.

The student should provide the Departmental Graduate Advisor with documentation to support Verification or Certification. Designed as a pre-professional studies option, the Non-Thesis concentration requires a minimum of 36 semester credit hours of coursework to graduate, including 9 semester credit hours of required courses and 27 semester credit hours of biomedical sciences or related coursework that fits with the student's professional goals and interests.

Forms which are turned into the Thesis Office require all original signatures; there is no exception.

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Special appointments will not count towards the required minimum committee composition. Students must also maintain a GPA of 3.

The timing, location, and format of this presentation will be cooperatively planned by the student and the advisor, but with a public announcement to allow interested persons to attend.

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If the student fails to meet the ELPE requirements, they must take ELI courses in deficient areas and receive a grade of A or B in all level courses they are required to take.

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