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This would allow them to be more accessible for lower-income households. Interviews and meetings TIP: Admissions staff members do not conduct interviews, but optional, informational alumni interviews are available in some cities. Other parts of your application give us a sense for how you might contribute to Northwestern. Reasons include practical application you love how every device that we encounter today is the product of a combination of different academic sciences , understanding our surrounding environment, etc. That was when you realized the critical nature of understanding the foundation of all sciences when studying any of the sciences. Alumni feedback is included in your file, but not participating in an interview has no negative effect on your chance of admission. Here are some examples of more specific goals: 1 As a frequent reader and a perpetual writer, you have always believed in the doubled-edged sword of words.

Thus, you hope to dive deep into the intricacies of electrical engineering in order to understand the way microprocessors and other components in digital devices fit together.

Many applicants write about general factors like research opportunities or the prestige of the major, and gush about how excited they would be to participate in such a program.

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Loved the article? Pursue research in a niche field? Do they include graduate study? In the Northwestern Writing Supplement, we ask students to explain why they would like to attend Northwestern.

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Provide as much detail as you can, explaining any abbreviations or acronyms that may be unique to your school. The suggested word limit guideline gives you the chance to answer each question in detail, while also challenging you to write in a concise and clear manner.

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Alumni interviews allow applicants to ask questions, and are primarily informational. Interviews and meetings TIP: Admissions staff members do not conduct interviews, but optional, informational alumni interviews are available in some cities. Activity chart TIP: The activity chart is your opportunity to be thorough about the depth and range of your involvement, whatever it may be. Research and pinpoint which Northwestern course offerings, programs, majors, minors, research or practical application resources, professors, or past accomplishments would best aid you in further cultivating your achievements in the field you choose. Include some specific graduate programs that you may be interested in to demonstrate the sincerity of your intentions. The structure and purpose of this essay are fairly straightforward — you want to explain what sparked your self-driven interest in both science and mathematics, and while doing so, convey your passion in both of these fields. Subject exams, offered in topics such as molecular biology, English and physics allow students to demonstrate their skill level s in a particular area. Perhaps you feel like the small class setting will better allow you to establish a relationship with each of your classmates, and allow you to get to know them as both people and scientists. The second letter should come from one of your teachers who can address your strengths as a student in the classroom; this recommender should most likely be a teacher from one of your core subject areas, in your junior or senior year. Our free webinar will teach you how to use the Common App, organize your activities, answer the essay prompts, and more! Learn about our College Applications Program. If you have held any leadership positions or received any awards, honors or distinctions, be sure to include that information on the activities chart as well.

Allow you to pursue more advanced studies in school more easily? What personal satisfaction do you receive from it?

Northwestern admissions essay

Want more college admissions tips? Map out exactly what your goal is in relation to the interest you have chosen to write about. Loved the article? Remember, the direct nature of Northwestern essays and the popular writing style at the school lean more towards straightforwardness and conciseness; there is no need to over-complicate it. Therefore, you hope to bring this privilege of having more avenues and options in the way we consume information to more people from more strata of society. If Northwestern is a top choice, and you feel comfortable applying through the Early Decision process, you are strongly encouraged to consider applying Early Decision. Pursue research in a niche field? Is that something you could see yourself doing non-stop in the next 4 years, and perhaps beyond?

Our free webinar will tell you everything you need to know about filling out the Common App and what mistakes to avoid. However, subject tests may be from topics outside of your potential major.

Northwestern supplemental essays 2019-2020

You hope that by understanding the procedures of manufacturing digital devices, you could identify key drivers of cost, and thereby redesign a procedure that lowers the cost of manufacturing them. A pitfall that many candidates fall into is nebulously defining their goals — since their objective is not well-defined, they cannot pinpoint the specific programs, courses, professors, and resources that they would like to advantage of in pursuit of their aspiration. Since the integrated sciences program emphasizes the commonalities that the sciences as well as mathematics share, it is important to mention how your broad range of interest within the sciences renders it impossible for you to choose just one to focus on — you love them all! What were you doing in your academic, professional, or extracurricular life that made you feel confident and poised? You hope to aid in the proliferation and harnessing of data on a large-scale, which aligns with your goal of making technology more accessible and available for a more people in the world. That is when you discovered the ability of writing to affect emotions and thoughts. You should make this as specific as possible. Doing so, you hope to introduce your readers to new perspectives by including a range of opinions so that people from all cultures feel heard and encouraging those same readers to consider different viewpoints. What steps need to happen between now and then to reach that lifestyle? Read about alumni interviews and availability.

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