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Unfortunately, such changes can clearly be seen in the film adaptation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L.

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Although tempting to compare a book and its film counterpart on even grounds, as a substitute of one another, the tools used to create each one differ greatly and thus should be evaluated on a thematic level.

Masculinity in the media is portrayed as muscular, violent, angry, aggressive, dominant, and warrior like. I was very glad to see her presence The Outsiders Movie vs. I usually took the easy way out, watched the movie, and then skim the book.

The most important moral values followed by the book are also maintained by the Disney feature, such as the pricelessness Friday Night Lights Book vs. She lives in District 12 in a city called Panem. Thus, their romance starts with an economic interest because the French girl is poor and the china man is milliner.

If you would have read the book and then watched the movie, you would see that very few things are the same. Why is this? The book gives you a broader view of everything, but at the same time the movie points out everything that seems important.

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Book Neither the novel nor film version of To Kill A Mockingbird is superior to the other, just different. This book won several awards, including the Newbery Honor book in

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In the novel, a former escaped slave named John teaches a young girl named Sarney how to read. This is the new trend: to translate literature to screen. Although the movies are a beautiful remake of the original book, there a quite a few distinct differences between the two. American History is no exemption. However, the system appears to backfire when Anderton himself is accused to kill a man he's never even heard of. In the book they have the eyes of the dead Tributes and are quite twisted. This movie I feel shows me how strong their love for each other really was and I now feel as if it is meant to be it will always find a way.
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