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They planted trees along the wide roads. According to Mayo Clinic studies, chocolate contains stearic acid, which is a neutral fat that does not increase bad cholesterol LDL.

Chocolate contains small amounts of a chemical called phenylethylamine PEA , which is a mild mood elevator. Those in the ambulance unit refused to carry weapons and kill others but they carried stretchers in the most dangerous areas of the War. Nobody quite knows, but it might be that people who eat chocolate as part of a balanced diet are healthier than those who have occasional big chocolate binges. So, what are these myriad buttons that can influence what people eat that Professor Herz analyses. Regular milk is not always the most satisfying beverage for people to drink. This will help you to explain to the others just how important chocolate making is. Tooth decay - is linked to eating a lot of sugar. How so? Farmers The jobs of many farmers in very poor parts of the world depend on growing and selling cocoa and sugar, the raw ingredients for chocolate. The experts have spoken, and it appears not. Pupils can find out about various job roles and responsibilities and actually work in lots of different departments. But could something that tastes so delicious actually be good and healthy for you? Read what one person says about being unemployed on the next page.

The History When a factory in Bridge Street became too small the Cadbury family bought a site a few miles out of Birmingham inwhich they called 'Bournville'. And a new example is VegPower UKwhich identifies vegetable consumption with superhero power.

This approach utilises only one button out of a veritable airplane console of buttons that are available to change eating behaviours. When the workers returned, they were able to return to work and take educational courses. Cadbury will use some of the Fairtrade money to help farmers in Ghana. Read More. Also, chocolate contains a chemical that is used by the brain to produce serotonin. You can prepare teas from the cocoa shells that are left from chocolate production. You could: Make a poster or list or map that shows how many countries have farmers whose money to live comes from growing and selling the raw materials for chocolate. And in an interesting twist, they also found that dark chocolate bars might be safer for your health, in some ways, than pure cacao powder.

Today the world production of cocoa beans is about 3 million tonnes, against approximately 10, tonnes in The idea of eating chocolate sounds like a tempting and delicious way to improve your health.

The mild rush we get from this substance may be why some people say they are addicted to chocolate. A gramme milk chocolate bar 1.

how to convince people to eat

Some chocolates, especially the darker ones with more cocoa powder, have very little sugar in them. Cadbury have been making Fairtrade chocolate for a number of years now. The map below shows the countries where cacao trees can grow.

how to persuade someone to eat healthy

Theobromine is the active ingredient in chocolate and it is only found in cacao.

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The world of chocolate