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The size of the car also matters in a collision as seen in diagram 1; the larger car has more of the crumple zone and therefore the passengers are more protected whereas the smaller car does not have much of the crumple zone in order to make the car smaller and the force cannot be decreased as much so the impact is bigger. It takes about 20 milliseconds to inflate the airbag for the person to land into. In modern physics, motion is the change in position of an object with respect to its time and its reference point. An airbag provides a force over time. Some cars have steel tubes embedded inside the doors to protect passengers against a side-on collision. For example, let us consider a case where a car accidentally collides with a stationary wall. So it is important to improve absorbing energy of impact force in front and rear vehicle by crumple zone, and protect passenger compartment by Safety cell. That is why passengers in an old car suffer from more serious injuries in a traffic accident. I have taken into account your restrictions about the safety ratings of the car.

Catapult Physics Essay Words 3 Pages A catapult is an ancient device used to launch heavy objects at targets during war.

Seat belts are for the safety of the passengers so they do not fly out of the car in a crash.

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In short, for every action, there will be an equal opposite reaction. For example when a car crashes at a high speed the car would somehow be damaged and with the knowledge of physics the crumple zones where developed so the car gets completely wrecked while the passengers are safe.

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E none of these. Statistics, according to bikersrights. A If the total mass is constant, Safety glass for windshields — active safety features. Airbags can be the necessity for saving your life in an accident.

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Physics is made of a set of big ideas and there are many smaller concepts that fall into the idea of physics. By the law of inertia, when a car crashes i. Force is always force, as we understand the third law, the force you have given is also the force that you have received, all of these are highly great observation and knowledge by Isaac newton.

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The Physics of Car Safety Systems Essay Example