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When photographers discuss the way in which a photograph reduces the reality it represents, they mention not only the passage from three dimensions to two, but also the selection of a point de vue that favors the top of the body rather than the bottom, and the front rather than the back.

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The thesis statement often takes the form of a strong argument for a particular position. Use rhetorical questions that place your readers in a different situation in order to get them thinking about your topic in a new way.

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Any important terms have been defined. The placeholder introduction. Why would anyone put something extra around their neck and then invest it with special significance?

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A final note: In constructing an introduction, make sure the introduction clearly reflects the goal or purpose of the assignment and that the thesis presents not only the topic to be discussed but also states a clear position about that topic that you will support and develop throughout the paper. Keep your essay introduction example conscious — suggest your paragraph being brief and striking but leaving some space for imagination. Make it brief and clear. Anyone can look a word up in the dictionary and copy down what Webster says. And what role did education play in the acquisition of freedom? Some writers prefer writing their body or conclusion paragraphs before they start creating essay introduction paragraph. In our example, the first sentence simply introduces the topic in a concise, compelling way: The invention of Braille marked a major turning point in the history of disability. There were many different aspects of slavery. Works consulted We consulted these works while writing the original version of this handout. Whether you write your introduction first, last or somewhere in between, you should return to it and check that it matches the content of the essay. Restating the question can sometimes be an effective strategy, but it can be easy to stop at JUST restating the question instead of offering a more specific, interesting introduction to your paper.

However, it is not yet working as a thesis statement because it fails to make an argument or claim about those topics. If you are having trouble with your intro, feel free to write some, or all, of your body paragraphs, and then come back to it.

A good introduction to essay catches attention and makes your reader engaged right from the very start.

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It is just up to you.

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How to Write a Good Introduction