Steps of project management

Every project has essential milestones at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end, following a path from initiation to completion to evaluation.

4 phases of project management

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project management process example

In the construction industry a project charter is completed in this phase. Step 6: Present the Project Plan to Stakeholders Explain how your plan addresses stakeholders' expectations, and present your solutions to any conflicts. Think of it as a final status report, along with cleanup after the project is complete.

You should also note the flexibility of the teams working on the project, as if a delay occurs you may need to divert resources in order to hit the deadline. The five phases of the project management image by Alphamu57 via Wikipedia The five phases of the project management life cycle serve as a framework to help project managers and their teams to accomplish their goals and objectives.

The amount of phases the project management life cycle contains is up for debate. In this way the project is judged on its timeline and cost and whether it is the right option for the organization.

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Top 5 Project Management Phases