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You graduate first in your class and you start working in public service either district attorney or running some foundation and then you become governor of a mid-sized state and then you become president. Meanwhile, Malcolm and Reese build their own street luge board and Malcolm gets into a feud with a mystery rider who keeps forcing him off the road. Meanwhile, Hal struggles to keep the boys in order, and Francis hitches a ride with a trucker who makes him humiliate himself in exchange for the ride. Meanwhile, Reese is alive in Afghanistan — but panics, deserts the Army, and ends up as the unwilling bride to a Afghan man, and Lois travels to Kabul to get her son home. This is made worse with the boys' prank that causes damage to the car Hal planned to buy. Despite this, Jessica has a crush on Malcolm and has shown that she can be a loyal friend. She once tried to sue Lois, her own daughter, for slipping on a leaf in the walkway of Lois' house and becoming temporarily injured. Meanwhile, Hal reveals a knack for styling women's hair and Lois discovers that her boss's wife is cheating on his with Craig. Lois is initially distrustful of her for taking away her son, but they form a sense of solidarity over a shared enjoyment of punishing their useless partners — smashing up Francis and Hal's stuff when they go on a selfish motorbike trip by themselves.

Meanwhile, Malcolm helps Stevie record his acceptance speech and edit it to make it sound like Stevie is speaking normally, and Reese gets an all-over sunburn so her can peel off every inch of his skin. The three oldest Wilkerson boys all get jobs in this episode that they supposedly keep for life.

Season 1 was the first season of Fox's Malcolm in the Middle which ran from January 9, to May 21,for a total of sixteen episodes. Meanwhile, Dewey discovers he has a doppelganger who acts good, and at the ranch, Otto is furious with the other ranchers who keep destroying the fence that Francis is building to keep the cattle inside.

He does so little work it's at one point discovered he's never turned up on Fridays, going on day trips by himself to places like Seaworld — a radical refusal to work if there ever was one.

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Meanwhile, Hal and Lois track down a joyrider in a blue Chevrolet Yenko Camaro who won't stop speeding down their street. Lois: Because, it's not the life you're supposed to have.

We're not gunna have many more of these.

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This time, she tricks Malcolm and Reese into thinking both of them are homosexual. Meanwhile, Dewey continues his adventure away from home and Francis bets his fellow cadets that he can eat Candy Quacks a Bland-Name Product version of Peeps.

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Malcolm in the Middle (S04E18): Reese's Party Summary