Szt task 1

The community that I have chosen for the assigned community assessment is Broomfield county in the state of Colorado. Within the Public Health Department, like in the county structure, there is an Operations Chief, responsible for all the actions taken by the department.

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When I asked both groups of their opinions regarding what age adolescents are considered adults, I received drastically different answers. Because there may be a disruption to commonly used manners of communication, such as television, telephones, and the internet, it is important to have a clear outline of where and to whom to report, how to find answers, and who will perform necessary tasks.

Many Szt task 1 are need to assist residents with health promotion and preventative care. Before then, the…. All twenty individuals interviewed have health insurance. This helps to examine the roles, actions, coping methods, and techniques used by a nurse in a disaster scenario.

The younger group interviewed felt it was important to eat healthy and exercise to promote internal health and longevity of life in general. The Emergency Operations commander is the highest link in the chain, not only overseeing the operations of the various governmental departments, but also the officers in charge of Safety, Public Information, and Legal.

With average temperatures in the s in the summer, many Port Orange residents enjoy the …show more content… Water safety and drowning is are major concern for Port Orange in there are a lot of pools, ponds, creeks rivers, and the ocean.

With the new construction of in-ground pools, requirements have changed in that owners are now required to have a safety fence surrounding the pool.

Those in the Public Health Department are responsible for ensuring the citizens of Franklin County have all the basic necessities for survival, such as clean water, food, …show more content… B.

Szt task 1
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Wgu Capstone Task 1