The fun paper

Once they learn they will take off and make many great crafts and decorations with them. Fold the paper in half to form a rectangle shape. These were lots of fun to make and a really great holiday activity for kids to do when they are bored and looking for something to do.

Cut out the circle. Open all of the 3 papers. Put some glue only on the edge of the third paper stripe and glue it on the lemon squeezer.

fun things to do with paper when your bored

Making the Runner and a Spike Cut out three paper stripes. There are a number of ways you can decorate this sun craft too, so let the kids use their imagination.

Possum made so many and she certainly got better and better as it with the practice.

paper flowers

Flip it over. There are many cool ways you can go about decorating this one. Perfect for a jungle theme. You can adapt this one to make many different kinds of fruits.

How to make funny things with paper

Take the other big kite, mark a line 1cm above the existing line as shown on the picture … … and cut it off. Would your child enjoy learning how to make fun paper springs? Open it up to reveal the greeting message inside. Unfold the rectangle … … then repeat this on the other side too. Cut following them. Perfect for a jungle theme. You might remember making them when you were at school. Spike Put some glue on one of them and wrap it around the top of the stick to secure the umbrella when opening. Flip it over. Weather Make a rainy cloud , snowy day, sunshine… So many possibilities! Press the tip of the lemon squeezer with your fingers and apply some glue on it. Let the glue dry completely. They really are something that suits older children, but younger children can still have a go and succeed with guidance. Apply some glue on the outside of the lemon squeezer … … and glue it inside the bigger umbrella.

The Top Part of the Umbrella Canopy Continue your project by folding the paper so you make a square … Cut off the excess. Preschoolers will love making it with torn paper while older kids will be decorating the details on their own.

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Paper Plate Crafts