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See p. Television viewing has been identified as an independent risk factor for obesity [ 57 ]. Yet, the political will to be able to change certain cultural habits and to take on powerful industries promoting such habits that lead to these problems, is where the challenge lies.

A possible contributing factor is food advertisements that contain poor-nutrient food and are targeted at children. Being that school is where children spend most of their day that is a good place to start.

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Potential policy areas to the development and implementation of such strategies should cross from the home environment to a broader policy level of socioeconomic environments. Technology is becoming so advanced that people are now able to play sports right from the comfort of his or her living room couch.

According to Sarah Muntel, Levels of physical activity among the general population have fallen significantly over the past 25 years the government had also noted.

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The biggest part about racial is the class inequalities and the injustice that is going on today. With morbid obesity, there may be serious health problems. Another factor would be advertising of unhealthy and fattening foods. Unfortunately, one third of children in the United States are also obese or overweight. The best for the United States to help the obesity rate is by implementing a fat tax. More than one out of every three U. While important, on its own, they feel it is not sufficient; there is limited evidence for sustainability [of this direct approach] and transferability to other settings, for example. But challenges and obstacles persist. As illustrated by Sacks [ 87 ], trade agreements between countries, personal income tax regimes and social security mechanisms are some potential policy areas that could be altered at international, national and state levels for the development of population-based strategies for obesity prevention. A paradoxical increase and deregulation of appetite during inactivity has been matched by an increasing supply of food at lower real cost. This increases the workload of the heart because it must pump more blood through additional blood vessels. However, this could be overall detrimental to your overall health in the long run. Social networking and enjoyment would be strong motivation for computer use at home, while work demands would necessitate continual use at work. The benefits of a healthier diet is obvious. Genetic traits can increase the risk in some people.

Adolescents and children that are raised in circumstances of economic disadvantages, tend to get less healthy nutrients and most likely will not get the appropriate exercise that will benefit their physical development. In addition to, anything else that contributes they figured that schools played a bigger part.

Obese children grow up to become obese adults. It also causes heavy snoring. The intervention group also showed significantly lower BMI and blood pressure than the control group.

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Levels of physical activity among the general population have fallen significantly over the past 25 years the government had also noted. The Statement points out that schools are potentially attractive settings in which to promote positive health behaviors because students spend large amounts of time in the school environment, elements of the traditional school curriculum relate directly to health, and schools typically provide extracurricular programs that can promote health. However, the type and intensity of activity may affect the degree to which it benefits the body in the short- and long-term. Review on epidemic of obesity. However, obesity ratio varies from country to country. Lectures given by each of them send the overall message that the future of humanity is within the food we are eating. We have a food system here that is all about quantity, rather than quality. Definitely overconsumption of fats is a major factor and recipe to obesity, but also calorie intake and amount of exercise has a lot to do with becoming overweight. Being that school is where children spend most of their day that is a good place to start. Now, we have children of all ages who are developing diabetes or are becoming obese. If we overlook this condition, it is possible that obese children can become obese adults. Further on through this essay, there will be a discussion of the number of key issues which revolve around obesity in relation to the three main theoretical perspectives, these are; sociology, psychology and physiology. You may ask, how can eating more be better for you, much less help you lose those stubborn fifteen pounds you 've been trying to loose for years? More and more Americans are becoming obese every single day.
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Prevention of Overweight and Obesity: How Effective is the Current Public Health Approach