The pros and cons of watching a live theater play

Absolutely no videos. My answer, in my own defense, is no. It also offers a surround-sound system that enhances the overall experience, making you feel as if you're actually part of the story.

benefits of live theatre

Some theaters even offer restaurant-style food and alcohol to enjoy during a movie. Another question is whether the films make musicals more accessible and popular. Even more astonishing is the story that actor Mark Lockyer relates in Living With the Lights On, another confessional.

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Compare and contrast theatre and film

What makes you cringe? All in all, there is the plus side of being a stage performer, such as boosting of sell-confidence and learning of acting. It is understandable to worry that this cheaply accessible way of seeing musicals may stop people choosing to see the real deal. As for stage performers, under the guidance and supervisions of the director and other more experience performers, they are lucky enough to know and hone the acting skills. They were a kind of onstage therapy, as he told stories from his own life. It has also been confirmed that the West End and Broadway favourite Wicked, that took Edinburgh by storm and all the way to Oz over the holidays, will be adapted into a film. There's a problem with this paper. Yet, for some other people, acting on the stage may not be that ideal. Help us continue to report on great work across the UK, champion new talent and keep up our investigative journalism that holds the powerful to account. And believe me, these kids will never have the fun of posting their favorite musical number on YouTube.

They may even hardly breathe when they are very concerned about the reaction of the audience, including their friends and family. On the other hand, actors and actresses are trained to uphold responsibilities.

But with the income the schools need to cover the cost of doing a Broadway show, they have no choice but to double and triple their admission fees.

Benefits of community theatre

The feeling of solidarity can be quite enjoyable. They had a ton of girls who wanted to be in the school musical, and there are only so many missionaries or Hot Box dancers a show can handle. Requirements to apply for rights months in advance and risk of being denied , restrictive staging, limitations on changing the script in any way, logo usage restraints, pre-defined rental periods — all of these are also hassles that I know these noble directors had to tolerate as part of the price they pay for doing a Broadway musical. There's a problem with this paper. In the second, Bad With Money, he gave a frank account of his own battles with spending and living beyond his means, and the frequently disastrous ways he has tried to beat the deficit, from selling himself as a male prostitute when he was a student at Berkeley, to dipping into the expense account of the film studio executive for whom he was working. Furthermore, it is far more time-consuming and tiring to perform on stage. Additionally, because their number of screens is limited and theaters must appeal to as many people as possible, some popular movies may not be shown. Some people enjoy being a glamorous stage performer, while some wish to be a supportive backstage worker. Essays may be lightly modified for readability or to protect the anonymity of contributors, but we do not edit essay examples prior to publication. On the other hand, there are also plenty of instances where it is not the best choice for a school or performing group. The Stage is a family business, operated by the same family since we were founded in Since the multi-award winning release of Chicago back in , it appears the film musical has been steadily making a comeback. Between the stars and the choruses, however, I noticed that both these shows were very thin. Being a stage performer is not just about acting. Perhaps this is just as well, for I also noted that the vocal ranges for these songs were clearly not written for student voices, unlike Pioneer Drama shows.

Not only the language, but the music is dated and old-fashioned. A selfless act comes out of a selfish one, too, as his story can bring hope to others who are either afflicted or have been affected. It has also been confirmed that the West End and Broadway favourite Wicked, that took Edinburgh by storm and all the way to Oz over the holidays, will be adapted into a film.

No matter whether the audience burst into laughter or fall asleep, the stage performers should not lose faith.

advantages of watching movies at cinema
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Directing Student Actors: The Pros and Cons of Producing a Broadway Musical