Thesis security sector reform

security sector reform human rights

It can be stated that the benefits of women as actors and women as beneficiaries will work in a reciprocal way. A specific policy agenda promoted by a network of states and international organizations.

Afterwards the chapter analyses to which extent gender-sensitive strategies were integrated in police reform. In general it refers to the armed forces, law enforcement agencies, national intelligence agencies, border control agencies, and civil protection entities.

what is security sector reform

Security is certainly one of the most important preconditions for sustainable development and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

It is indubitably that SSR in post-conflict societies poses major obstacles.

understanding and supporting security sector reform

One relevant aspect is the political dimension and refers to civilian control and cooperation with civil society. The consequences of GBV will be closer illustrated in chapter four, but it is inevitable that these implications prevent a good economic performance and sustainable development.

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Security sector reform : a case study of South Sudan