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Candidates will need to interpret the information in the paragraph and decide if each conclusion follows based on the presented information.

If one cannot deduce a particular statement from the passage, then that deduction does not follow, and the candidate must select which deductions follow and which do not follow.

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Typical Critical Thinking Tests Here is a list of critical reasoning tests on the market at present, which candidates may be likely to encounter for recruitment, selection or development. Facione, P. These data were analyzed in various ways. Article Details. The high-grade group scored significantly higher than the low-grade group on both the preand posttests on critical thinking measures. Try a sample question: A career at DX Electronics is the best choice - it is the most stable workplace. There are five sections: 1. University of Michigan. Teaching thinking skills: theory and practice. An easy mistake to make is treating this type of test like a verbal or numerical reasoning test and answering questions as quickly as possible. Baron and R. General Critical Thinking Test Advice Here is some general advice to help you perform to the best of your ability for your critical reasoning test.

Adams, L. Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal.

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Try a sample question: A career at DX Electronics is the best choice - it is the most stable workplace. These scenarios provide scores for five subtests ranging from 0 to Respondents are provided five scenarios and asked to judge the potential conclusions to the presented data. Capacity to rescue: Nurse behaviors that rescue patients.

You will not be required to utilise any prior knowledge when answering a question, and at times the correct answer will completely contradict what you know to be true based on your own knowledge, but is true in the context of the passage.

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The researchers in the present study agree with Williams that the WGCTA-FS is a good instrument to measure critical thinking for students pursuing the teaching career.

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Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal