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write and read

Others use SWR as just a spelling program. AAS includes a third sound, long e. Words with similar attributes are taught together.

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The log is wide-rule with a dotted center line. The letter i represents the long e sound when it appears before a vowel, as in the words medium, radio, and curious.

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By linking speaking, spelling, and writing with reading, we connect four different pathways to the brain, thereby paving the way for virtually everyone to learn. You cannot write without first understanding how the language works to communicate ideas.

Give the gift of reading!

Read to write program

Reading is a natural outgrowth of spelling instruction. Wise Guide Enrichment Activity Worksheets Spell to Write and Read Resurrecting the historically successful idea of starting with phonics-based spelling, SWR weaves beginning through 12th grade spelling into a full language arts program. Students internalize spelling in a way that naturally blends into reading. Note that some parents might still have trouble teaching the program because of the amount of detail and work required. This program also has more rules and fewer sight words than most others. Dictation is multi-sensory and appeals to students of all ages. After the student has mastered those words, the Word Cards are mixed with the other mastered Word Cards for review purposes. The approach here is concerned with helping you to realize what you already know about the language as a speaker of the language, and with enabling you to consciously apply that knowledge to reading and writing. Is it alright with you if I pass your link on to other education professionals so they can have access to your incredible resources? At times, we do need to pronounce words clearly for spelling purposes, but we don't advocate unnatural pronunciations. I need a more systematic approach that works on mastery before too many new ideas are thrown at my dyslexic child.

In addition, the All About Spelling program includes a free Phonogram Sounds app that features clear audio enunciation of the sounds of the letters and letter combinations.

The rules are reviewed as many times as necessary until the student masters the concept.

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