Write thesis comparison paper

Let the ideas start flowing in, and think about what you might have to say about them. Stare out the window.

compare and contrast thesis statement examples

The carbohydrate-free Paleo diet is all the rage, but studies show that a balanced diet that is rich in whole grains is healthier for your heart. You can organize a classic compare-and-contrast paper either text-by-text or point-by-point.

Write thesis comparison paper

Frame of Reference. And remember—the thesis is only as strong as the evidence that supports it, so choosing your method before you start writing is a good idea. Similarly, your professor wants to see how well you can identify the relationship between two things. The Civil War could be said to have arisen from a fundamental dispute over freedom: which is more sacred, freedom for individuals, or freedom from government?

compare and contrast thesis statement samples

However, you should be keen to ensure that the order of the first part is strictly followed in the second part to allow for easy following and relation.

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